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SCS Marketing & PR is a specialist International Search Engine Optimisation agency that provides SEO in dozens of languages to clients around the world.

Our international SEO strategy is tailored to each business and their specific objectives, but the ultimate goal is to rank overseas websites high in the search engine results pages on Google within their relevant territories. This means internationalising your website, which involves not only translating it, but making sure it is localised to that specific country.

Once site localisation has been carried out, we begin with a two-phase SEO Website Review and Technical Audit. This involves carrying out onsite search engine optimisation and competitor and market analysis. This activity can be carried out either in the early stages of developing your new international website (in partnership with your chosen web design agency) or as a post-build audit, if it is has already been completed.

At SCS, we realise that your business is unique so we do not offer a 'one size fits all' SEO strategy so we then tailor an on-going monthly multi-lingual offsite SEO campaign, which is designed to attract high quality inbound links, increase search rankings and maximse your website' profits. Our team has a deep knowledge of linguistics and in-search country behavior which enable us to get your business to the top of the search rankings and keep you there.

Google occupies around 70 per cent of the global search engine market but is not the most popular in every country so if you are looking to rank in China or Russia, we can optimise your site's organic visability in search engines such as Baidu and Yandaz respectively. By working with a multilingual agency, it means if your objective is to rank in several countries, you can benefit from dealing with one centralised SEO company.

SCS offer basic SEO for SMEs to complex SEO campaigns for large organisations in competitive industries, including content marketing and social media services, and we produce monthly reports so your business can see how your SEO is performing and measure your ROI.

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