How To Prepare For Google Penguin 2015 Update

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How To Prepare For Google Penguin 2015 Update
With Google set to release the next Google Penguin update very soon many businesses may find their search rankings about to suddenly slide down the page if they have fallen foul of the search engine’s strict guidelines.
On the other hand, companies that were hit by the previous Google Penguin algorithm update almost 12 months ago that have cleaned up their site, may now see a positive impact in their search listings.
Penguin was introduced by Google in April, 2012, as a codename for an algorithm update the search giant – still the largest in the world – introduced to tackle bad third-party links. It was aimed at catching and penalising sites that were trying to artificially increase their rankings by obtaining links that are deemed as spammy.
Six months later, Google introduced the Disavow Link Tool to help webmasters remove these bad links but only after proving they had attempted to first contact site owners to have them removed. There still remains some debate about the use of the disavow tool as it makes sense to tell Google – if you do have a spammy link pointing to your site – you had nothing to do with it.

But then if your search rankings have not been affected by a link you are concerned about then is it worth bringing it to Google’s attention. Every site is different but, at SCS, we have found the Disavow Tool to be very useful and have had much success with it.
One way to avoid potentially being hit by the impending Penguin update is carrying out a link profile audit on your site. This can be a lengthy but not altogether a costly process and can save businesses time and money in the long run if they get hit as, if affected, it can otherwise sometimes take months and months for rankings to be restored. 
If your companies generates lots of sales through strong organic search rankings and, these suddenly drop, the loss of business can be very damaging and force sites to advertise heavily, if they are not already, on Google AdWords until they return.

A link audit will include looking at anchor text distribution and making sure there is not over use of exact match keyword anchor text. The majority of links should be branded anchor text.
Google Analytics should be looked at in depth to to see if there has been an increase in website traffic from total referring domains which indicates that a third-party site may have linked to every page of your site - in many cases without you knowing. This may catch Google's attention.
The site's internal link structure should also be studied to ensure they are optimised properly and are providing the user with the best experience. This gives you the chance to dictate what pages of your site are the most important and can greatly influence how Google crawls your site.
For more information on Google Penguin and Pre-Google Penguin SEO Audit, contact the SCS Marketing & PR SEO team on 01252 444291.

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