Everything You Need to Know About Nuzzel, Instapaper and Feedly

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Everything You Need to Know About Nuzzel, Instapaper and Feedly

By Joanna Miskin

What is a Social Content Search Engine?

Since Facebook was founded in 2004, and Twitter exploded onto the scene in 2006; once a novelty, social media is now a part of life for millions of users looking to discover and connect with the wider world. Sharing and communicating what matters most to them. In fact, Facebook at the end of 2016 had over 1.86 billion active users (‘active user’ being those who had logged in in the past 30 days). There is so much engagement in social media that it is very easy to miss content most relevant to you. This is perhaps why we are starting to see various Social Content Search Engines emerging.

Social Content Search Engines, also known as Social Media Search Engines, are designed to prevent social media overload. They can bring you the most relevant news, blogs and posts so that you do not have to trawl though streams and streams before you get to something that you want to read. Easy to share with others and makes web surfing a breeze.


Nuzzel is a personalised news reading App available for use on mobile and tablets. Its primary aim is to take the most popular feeds from your social media accounts and only show those that have been shared the most by your friends.  Nuzzel allows you to browse and search thousands of topics, stay informed through notifications and can now connect through your Twitter account, which means the most popular tweets will be shown at the top of your feed meaning you will never miss the most news-worthy thing that has happened that day again.

Nuzzel has been backed by investors such as Akash Garg - the director of engineering at Uber, Matt Cutts - former head of the anti-web spam team at Google, Nikesh Arora - formerly the vice chairman of SoftBank and formerly the chief business officer at Google, and Marc Benioff - CEO and founder of Salesforce. 


Instapaper works on mobile and desktop platforms and allows you to save interesting articles, news items, recipes, videos etc. on to your phone or tablet to read later without a Wi-Fi connection. Features of Instapaper include; the ability to follow other users and see their recommended articles, organisation of articles into folders, a variety of sorting options to find articles quickly, syncing with Amazon Kindle, reduction of adverts and images and its popular text-to-speech feature as well as a lot more time saving possibilities, enhancing the users reading experience.

Instapaper was obtained by social media giant Pinterest on the August 23, 2016. An announcement was made on November 1, 2016 that Instapaper Premium would no longer charge a subscription for its service but would be free to all users.


Feedly also allows a user to have all their feeds they follow in one place and enables them to share with others via Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and other social media sites.  However this App is mostly aimed at professionals and enthusiasts. Feedly allows the user to add specific content feeds related to their work or specialism. Again it is used on a mobile platform across IOS and Android as well as on desktops.

Feedly (initially called Feeddo) was launched by entrepreneur Khodabakchian, about four years ago. In March 2013 when Google announced it was scrapping its Reader; an unpopular move by its users, Khodabakchian saw an opportunity to plug the gap and marketed Feedly as its alternative. Literally overnight the company went from having little over one million users to over 15 million, with Google Reader users able to transfer to Feedly with a click of a button.

Seemingly similar, these Social Content Search Engines all have different priorities and features. It is fairly easy to find which one would suit you best by looking on the App store description and reviews. Many people have found their lives have been literally ‘transformed’ by down-loading one these tools and rarely look back on their lives before their social content was streamlined and organised, when hours were wasted looking though irrelevant content.

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